New Website & More Magic

It's been on our todo list ever since we launched in December: 
Get a proper website up and running
but making more and more magic magazines for you all, somehow kept coming in the way...

Nevertheless, today it finally happens! We can now tick of that one of the evergrowing list! We are so very excited to welcome you in to our new Enfants Terribles Online universe.
We put a lot of heart into making this our new online space as inspiring and beautiful as possible and we hope you will like it and maybe come visit us online on a more regular basis, in between new issues of the magazine.

Our topbanner is now an Online Art Gallery where new talented artists from all over the world will be showcasing their work every month.
And for our first feature in the gallery we are delighted to share with you the talents of Anja Kroencke. She interpreted our theme for the new issue: Tales of Midsummer and came up with this wonderful work.

Also, we have the enormous pleasure to be announce that we have two new online editors to help us fill this space with beautiful content:
Michelle Houssel from Dancey Pants Disco. Some of you may remember her from our 4th issue, where she was featured as our blog crush. Michelle is a talented young woman who has the gift of telling stories, wether it be through her lense, her paintbrush or with words.
Inger Marie Hahn from Finurlig, is featured in our current issue Tales of Midsummer also as our blog crush. This inspring woman will be sharing with us life through her eyes, with a soft spot for those little golden moments of serenity and quiet happiness.

Together we will be continuing our search for inspiration for playful living on a day to day basis and we hope you will join us for the ride into the wild.
Now take a look around and don't forget to sign up for the newsletter!