Weekending: Roskilde festival 2014

I met Anton, the father of my children, in 2006 @ the Roskilde Festival. It was my first festival ever and I was volonteering for the festival and doing crazy wannabe baywatch performances with a bunch of friends there.

I never told anyone but the very first time we met he stole my heart completely by making me laugh harder than I had done in years for 8 hours straight. A year later we became an item and we went back to volonteer and perform at the festival.

The following year I didn't go because it turns out we got pregnant almost by just looking at eachother and Ella made her magical and lifealtering entry into our lives that year. But since then we've actually been back as a family at the festival - always volonteering, doing workshops and blogging for www.streetheart.dk That means that Ella is now 6 and this year she was attending her 6th Roskilde Festival and Elvis, who is 2, was actually there for the 3rd time.

I know it may sound crazy but we just really love being there helping the festival be awesome and being a part of something bigger while we get to have the time of our lives.

Usually the kids are there only for the build-up days. They love it there and run around discovering the whole world being built for the festival with art, music and creativeness all over. When we can we stay in a tent in the quieter´volonteer camping area and I guess it's probably the only comping holiday style we'll be doing, but nevertheless they are crazy about it!

When the festival opens, they go for what is now the yearly 4 day summerholiday, at my kind and caring parent's house half an hour away, while we rock that boat and let our hair down for a few days. Mostly we bring them back for the last day of the festival to attend some of the concerts and feel the good vibe.

This year we did things slightly differently and stayed at my cousins house in the city of Roskilde for the entire festival, which means that we slept in a big bed and showered everyday, which was pretty nice;-) 

The kids came there on Sunday and together we went to hang out, eat ice cream, dance to MØ and sing along to my alltime favorite Stevie Wonder who was playing the festival on the last day. 

So that was a lot about Roskilde and our little family, but I really wanted to share some moments of the happiness that we live during these days, so my weekending post is thus dedicated to the wonderful Roskilde Festival and the kids who rock it<3


Because today is Thursday and writing this post made me dwell in nostalgia here's a bonus #throwbackthursday #roskildefestival gallery of the last few years:-)