Weekending: An Explosion of Fun

Last weekend was special in many ways. It was our last weekend of freedom before we got on the school life merrygoround with Ella. That called for some proper celebration. So we decided to repeat an event we did last year in the court yard where we live. We call it the last call holidaylife and basically we take all our inflatable toys, pools and pop up tents and put them all out on the lawn for the kids to have one last summerblast of a time. Throw in some facepaint, fresh fruits and homebaked goods and there you have it: Partytime!

Basically it's an explosion of fun and colours and the kids LOVE it. My babysis, my niece, my cousin and her sweet girl came over, as well as a few friends of Ellas from preschool. I think the pics speak pretty much for themselves, so prepare yourself for rainbowland and magica childplay at it's very best.


Søs @thegirllikesrainbows