Weekending: Peas, strawberries and poppies

One thing I really like about Instagram is its ability to show how traditions linked to seasons are the same world wide.
So like most of Instagram Sienna and I went to an organic farm and picked peas and strawberries last weekend. The farm is only a 30 minute drive from Copenhagen and is called Ventegodtgaard

It was a sunny day, but not to hot, perfect weather for being in the fields for hours. On the farm the peas were growing in between other plants, and you had to look hard to find them. But Sienna had so much fun searching for peas and playing in the high plants, that the small amount of peas we had in the end just seemed like an extra bonus.

In another field they grew many different sorts of strawberries, and we filled our bellies with sweet berries while going from row to row picking the red berries. Many hours and many berries later we desided to head home - said our goodbyes to the goats and drove home.

On our way we got overwhelmed by a field full of clover and red poppies, so we had to stop and go for a walk in the flowers.

Home at last, we made strawberry ice cream, and since then we have eaten strawberrys with whipped cream and made koldskål with strawberries. We hope to go again before the season ends. This is summer!