Weekending: Louisiana

A few weeks ago Sienna and I visited Louisiana - Museum of Modern Art.
As a child this beautiful place almost felt like a second home to me. I was there a lot - but as an adult I haven't been there much, and never with the kids.

So being there with Sienna almost made me feel like a child again, and we could discover this universe together. While we were there, they showed the most beautiful exhibition of Hilma af Klint's works, art that really touched one. We looked at it all while enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

To me the atmosphere of Louisiana feels like classic Danish design - the museum is simple, beautifully created and good quality and just nice to be in. Besides all that, it's a great place to bring children. The museum is surrounded by The Sculpture Park, where art and nature become one, a place where children can run and explore. There are numerous exits and entrances back and forth from the museum and the park, and there is always an opportunity to just go for a run whenever you need it - we used that opportunity a lot.

I loved being back, but what hit me the most was how the magic affected Sienna. She got very conscious about things and just sat on the large lawn and talked about what she loved about the nature and named here favorite parts of it. The place did something to her, and she loved the park with its trails and slopes and beautiful views over Øresund.

We where there for many hours. Most of the time we spend at the exhibition of Hilma af Klint,  and we only visited the children's wing for a short while. Last but not least we had a great lunch. It should be mentioned that there are 3 storeys with many opportunities for children to be creative.

If you live in Denmark or are here on a visit, this museum of modern art is a must-see. The exhibitions, the architecture and the experience of the landscape - this place is magic.