Playing with Flowers and Watercolour

Even though it is dark and cold outside, the nature is very much alive and available with all its endless colours, compositions and shapes. Yesterday I was in the garden with Silvia and Barbara and this is what we found.

This morning we are playing with the soft strokes from the paintbrush, making drops of watercolours, and pulling the leaves softly apart to experience their new shape and size.

I have always been passionate about the nature and I believe it is important to share this joy with my children- to show them that the nature is a great place for inspiration, life, love and joy.

by Helene Blanche, Danish Textile Designer from the Central. St. Martins, College of Art and Design. London. Mother of 3 children. Johan Hugo (3) Silvia Blanche (8) and Barbara Vera (11). Married to Jannik Martensen-Larsen. Lives in Denmark.