Tutu Du Monde goes Halloween

In our household, costumes for Halloween and other dress up parties have always been of the homemade kind, and so fare both my kids have been happy that way. But no doubt I shouldn't let my 6-year-old have too many glances at these amazing costumes from Tutu Du Monde before this years' homemade vampire-outfit wouldn't be accepted anymore. 

Australian brand Tutu Du Monde is know for their amazing couture-like dresses, head pieces, ballet slippers and capelets for little girls and for always letting imagination and creativity be in focus. For the first time, the brand has now made a specific Halloween collection, where silvery spider-webs, bat-wings and blood-dripping bejeweled embellishment transform their normally beautiful dresses into something even more magical, spell bounding and bewitching. 

No doubt we will be adding a few sequences and embellishments to our vampire-outfit. To check out the whole collection and all the other beautiful dresses by Tutu Du Monde visit their website