Three Little Pigs & Mister Wolf finger Puppets + the Free Templates

It is SOOOO cold in New York, we have to stay inside. And what are we doing with the kids when it is cold outside during their Winter Break? well besides the fact that you have to be PATIENT, LOVING and NICE you have no more choice than being creative!

Here a DIY I did the past weekend to pass the time. Few leftover of felt fabrics some imagination and Voila!

Three Littles Pigs & Mister Wolf Finger Puppets and the FREE TEMPLATE are heretemplate by La maison de Loulou copy

What you need: Colored felt, print template, 4 large match boxes, scissor, universal glue, pins and needle, thread.

What to do:

1. cut all the elements from the template.

2. Glue the large pictures to the match boxes.

3. Cut into your felt the different patterns (pig & wolf).

4. Put together the patterns and pin them. Now you can start to sew.

5. with your leftover felt, you can customize your finger puppets.