the Kawaii issue - online NOW!

Dear Readers,
We're so happy to share with you our newest issue of Enfants Terribles Magazine: the Kawaii issue. With this issue we've embraced the Japanese expression: Kawaii - which covers all things cute, adorable, pretty, sweet and lovable.

The expression Kawaii is used as a verbal outburst of joy when in awe of something very adorable and cute. Kawaii is also what you say in Japanese in stead of Cheese, when posing for the camera and then it's almost always combined with the handgesture for kawaii, quite similar to the peace sign gesture most of you probably allready know. 

Inspired by Japanese popular culture we've challenged our team of contributors to jump into pools of adorable and edgy clashes of style. We've mixed and matched and gone a bit overboard, because that's the way to go Kawaii. Kawaii culture is very much about finding your own style and take it all the way, never hesitating to use quirky, cute or even odd features. It's a very childlike and playful approach to life and style in general and if you know us, you know we loooove playful and childlike is the way we roll. 

FOOD: Ida Frosk
TOY: Helle Gavin
ART: Monika ForsbergYoko Furusho
INSTAGRAM: Tokyobanhbao
CRAFT: Charlotte Kaae - Knitting By Kaae
STYLE & BLOG: Hannah Kristina Metz


Happy reading
Céline & Søs