DIY: The drawn-on upcycled jacket

I love buying clothes for my kids, but since they need new ones every season and can cost you a fortune I usually buy them second hand. Flea markets, thrift shops, internet, you name it. But the choices are limited and the style might be out of fashion too. So, I like to change things up a bit to make them suit our need. A sweater in a grown-ups size can turn into two pairs of pants, a big t-shirt can turn into a dress, what you want. 

There is nothing more satisfying than creating unique pieces out of something else for just a few cents. Plus, it leaves more budget for the pieces you do want to buy new to combine them with. ;)

This time I started with a denim jacket from Zara, and a huge golden old ladies t-shirt from the thrift shop. We have a bit of an indian summer here in the Netherlands so there are still a few days my girl can wear it, and in spring it will still be big enough. 

The jacket was actually nice as it was, but not very special. So I wanted to do something funny with it, create a cartoony high-definition look to it. Something that might be cool to use on an entire outfit, with Halloween coming up this month! I also had a Mini Rodini iron-on patch that would fit very nicely with that look.

The t-shirt was very big and very stretchy, so I managed to get two leggings out of it. I just used one that fit right to make a simple pattern. You can easily find tutorials online on how to do that, for instance here ore here. There was just enough left for a little legging for Ivy's favorite doll (From Mikodesign)

As for the jacket, first off I removed the name that was written inside with nail polish remover and soap. (that'll teach you, waterproof marker!) Then I drew on the jacket with a textile marker, and traced every seam quite boldly to make it stand out. Adding drawn stitches will give it that comic book character. After that I used white textile paint to highlight the bits that were already lighter, and also used it next to some of the black lines to make those stand out more. The contrast becomes even higher that way!

Don't forget to fixate the paint! Ironing the jacket inside out did the job with the paint and marker I used.

And this is how it looks on! 

The jacket and leggings were combined with Adidas sneakers by Jeremy Scott that also have those black cartoony outlines and a t-shirt from Koolabah. The patch from Mini Rodini makes the jacket a bit cooler. I used a little white paint around it to make it seem like it's been on the jacket for ages.

Hopefully this will inspire you to up cycle something too! have fun!