Cover photo: Søs Uldall-Ekman

Cover photo: Søs Uldall-Ekman


Creatures of Light and Darkness. A strange and mysterious title that the 11th issue of Enfants Terribles Magazine bears. Sparking a darker part of our imagination that we had yet to explore within this ever adventure seeking magazine's history. 

It's possible, that with the timing of our last issue of the year, you might have expected a more festive theme than this one, but the thing is that we're probably allready burried up to our necks in happy family traditions and jolly, good, merry and busy times these days. So we thought it might be good to take a closer and curious look at that dark something that lies beneath it all. Lurking under the surface of all this light and glory and celebration of life lies that big and scary truth; that it will all be over one day. Death. The end. Also the new beginning. The good and the evil. Our highest hopes and our darkest fears. All this cheerfulness  is the celebration of the fact  that we are here, now, alive and together. But without darkness there can be no light. 

These are the darkest times of the year, when the contrasts and dualities are felt the strongest. Wether it be between light, darkness, life, death, togetherness, loneliness, endings or beginnings, the wish to dive deeper emerges. If we dare to stare back into the dark and scary face of Death with the innocent hearts and curious minds of a child, just maybe we can learn something. Children are forever our go to source for inspiration when creating and exploring new worlds, so this time our Voices of Children feature is about this weird business of living and dying. The kids have answers. Don't be affraid. We are all Creatures of Light and Darkness. 

We hope you'll enjoy our 11th issue and thank you for being here.

Søs and Céline

“Death was not the opposite of life. It was already here, within my being, it had always been here, and no struggle would permit me to forget that.”
― Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood