Sunday strolls

As a mother to a now 12 year old and an 8 year old, it is becomming very clear to me how fast time flies by. And how important it is to create a tradition to ensure we have time together.
So at the end of last year I took a decision on behalf of my little family.
From now on, we will go for a Sunday stroll together every weekend. Not necessary a very long walk or at some wild places. Just what we feel like, the most important thing is we're together.

I've decided to portray our tours in a series of pictures, so I bring my camera along on our trips, sometimes I take a few pictures sometimes a lot. Since we live in Copenhagen, we have plenty of opportunities to visit various parks, gardens, lakes and wild nature areas nearby - so there is plenty to explore.

Here are some of the different places we have been over the last few weeks, notice how different the weather has been in such a short time. Over the last month the weather in Denmark has gone from gray and rain, to snow and have ended up at warm sunshine days... 

I hope you will enjoy this very little insight into our new tradition and the photo series.
xo Céline Hallas



20141221_3459 kopi.jpg
20141221_3734 kopi.jpg




20150104_6308 kopi.jpg