Summertime Routines

I thoroughly enjoy the routines in Summer. Zak wakes up for work, and Odin and I wake soon after. We immediately snack on berries we picked the day before and then head out to check on the garden and our chickens. We water our vegetables and flowers and Odin will chase the chickens around for a little while. Odin has recently been loving his masks from Opposite of Far and will always wear them into the garden to snack on whatever is growing that day. Some days he's a sneaky little fox, some a shy rabbit, and sometimes even a little deer. We will both hop around and play in the garden for quite some time before moving inside.

We've been making popsicles with fresh fruit and they're absolutely delicious and another summer must! Days spent picking blueberries and strawberries have been my favorite days so far, but blueberry season has just begun and our little raspberry patch has just started to fruit! It seems that July is the height of the flower season as our Dahlias and Sunflowers are bursting with happiness and all the other flowers are dancing among them. The colors of Summer are remarkable and nothing makes me happier than collecting a bundle of beautiful blossoms. 

I believe this may be one of my happiest Summers yet. I've been busy creating and Odin and I spend our days really playing and imagining. As he grows a bit older, that becomes the norm and I truly love it.