Summer Weekends, Mushroom Hunting

Almost every other weekend this summer we've been mushroom foraging in our favorite place, Squam Swamp. It's a beautiful fern filled fairy paradise that Odin loves visiting, and that Z and I loved visiting even before little O. There are many great big knobby trees and tons of little fairy doorways in those trees. There are many varieties of plants and mushrooms and wildlife. Z studies Mycology and of course with all the mushroom talk at home, Odin is also interested! He gets so excited when he finds one out in the wild and loves to collect them all (although now we are teaching him that he should leave them where they are and we will just look!). Z and I usually look for edible mushrooms and have often found great yields, Odin truly loves to help with those hunts. 

We've been teaching him to check the guide book as we come across a new mushroom. He doesn't quite understand it yet as he is only two, but it's a fun process to introduce him to! He also loves to collect leaves and stones and sticks, much like other children. Our baskets at the end of our forage are always filled with a variety of beautiful forest treasures and I'm always so grateful and have tried to teach Odin to be grateful too. He will often hug the trees and thank them personally for their gifts, and it is the absolute sweetest vision. :)