Summertime Routines - Part II

Following up where Michelle left last week with her and her little family's beautiful summertime routines at Nantucket, I thought it would be fun to share our summer routines too. Although from a different hemisphere, our summers seem not that different at all.

We spend our summer in our Swedish farm house far out at the countryside in Smรฅland. It's a very quiet place, and we notice every time a car passes us by on the gravel road next to our house. There is nothing much to do here and this is exactly the best thing about it. 

Our days are filled with small adventures - berry picking in the mornings, book readings, playing in the outhouses and exploring the huge and tempting barn. We read Astrid Lindgren's stories over and over up here, and Frida Viola has so badly wanted a dress like little Ida, so her excitment was great when we found a similar dress in the local thrift store the other day. Needless to say she has been wearing it ever since. This summer has been so hot and we have been swimming in the lake almost daily. Frida Viola has been so eager in practicing to swim, and she tells us, that she feels at best when swimming in the lake at very deep water (in her own words).

Yes, summer is good to us, and summerdays like these are what nurture us throughout the darker and colder times. We all love it up here, and our everyday life in the city seem so distant and unreal - just as it should when you leave for vacation.