Summer Dreams

Summer is officially here and it feels like it. Living on an island, we really have no choice but to spend our hours basking in all of the ocean's glory and falling asleep with sticky skin and salty hair. There's magic in the seasons and Summer is no exception, we spend every possible moment outdoors with friends and soak up what the sun has to offer in order to keep warm through the Winter. 

Throughout the year through every season, I spend my time making art and creating things with little Odin. Indoors (sometimes outdoors too!) in the Winter, outdoors in the Summer, and a mix of both in the Fall and Spring. Seasons change so that we can truly appreciate each one. I never experienced that as a child growing up in a place that was always Summer. I'm so glad I get to experience it now.

Summer to me means music making, flower crowns, dancing, swimming, all around frolicking, and a rhythmic bliss. Our Solstice weekend embodied just that - dinner with friends and dancing on the shore with flowers to adorn our heads.

Happy Summer to the trees and plants and bees and the rest of the flora and fauna. Happy Summer to all of you, my dear friends! Here's to long days and sunsets spent with those closest to us. Here's to memories made and the ones to be made in the coming days, the dances we have yet to dance, the songs and stories untold, the hidden nooks in the forests we're meant to find and keep secret to all but a few close friends, and all the other thrills of Summer!