Styles of the Summer

Tomorrow, Denmark is calling once again. It's time to go home.
We have spent yet another summer here in the south of France, and as I sit here and mentally prepare myself for work and school to start again I feel the urge to show you some of my daughter Sienna's styles from this summer.

As I wrote in the Minidunadu Label Love post, this summer I have only used my mobile to photograph and document, so the pictures are all made via VSCOcam.

Hope you enjoy, and I will return when I am home again <3
XO Céline

1// Vintage dress 2-4// Little Name dress - Noé & Zoë sailor hat 5// Petit Bateau blouse, skirt and socks 6// H&M dress 7-8// Marapytta sunbonnet - Mads Nørgaard dress 9// beach towel 10// Little Name dress 11-12// Bobo Choses dress - Little Name sunbonnet