Spring magnets - DIY

Spring is almost here .. almost ! I can't hardly wait !
So i created these small tulip clothespins magnets to help my spring feeling a little on the way..

To make these cute Tulip magnets you need: 

- Cardboard or paper in happy spring colours
- Scissor
- clothespin
- Glue gun
- Magnets
- A black pen and maybe a pink pen for the cheeks
- Template - Print the template here

Start by cutting the template and draw it on the cardboard, 

Cut the Tulips and draw the faces.

Cut some rectangles and glue it to the clothespin, also glue the flower and leaf to the clothespin.

Glue a magnet on the back of the clothespin

VOILA ! Spring is here ! Pimp your fridge our office board 

I hope you'll make a lots of tulip magnets ! - Heidi korsgaard // Denkreativesky.dk