Soft Gallery - Le Voyage collection


"To Travel is to Live" is the inspirational quote that opens the pressrelease of SOFT GALLERY's SS15 Le Voyage Collection. The words were first spoken by the Danish author and fairytale magician Hans Christian Andersen who was also our inspirational muse for The Snow Queen issue.  

Litterature seems to have been of great inspiration to the designers of Danish Childrens Clothing Label Soft Gallery for this upcoming season:  
"A Voyager is he who is curious about life. Someone who searches for new adventures and for whom a stranger is a friend he hasn't yet made. And just like happiness, "Le Voyage" is a state of mind. It's about being the master of your own ship and only setting sail when you, as Charles Baudelaire, declares: "O Death, old captain, it is time! Let’s weigh anchor".

The Le Voyage collection is bounteous of  memories of travels to distant destinations printed with wild tigers, golden lions, sweet watermelon and magic conchs, iconic post card prints, anchors and souvenirs from past times, marble patterns, sporty letters and splashy dots. A collection of memories that is the story of the voyager.

Oh man do we want to go on that voyage with Soft Gallery into the warm, wild and wonderful and we look forward to seeing the styles  travel the world on Children from all parts of this planet.