Soft Gallery AW15 - The Scene

This year's Soft Gallery's Autumn/Winter collection is beyond fantastic. Inspired by the raw immediateness of the street – the art, the music, the dancing, the fashion, the people – the collection celebrates individuality, personality and difference: Punks, graffiti painters and hipsters. Mix and match. Create and Combine. 

Barbara Hvidt and Tine Holt Møller, the creative minds behind Soft Gallery, have worked with a group of artists and created this season’s lovely, wild and intriguing soft galleries. They have come together in pure awesomeness and there are so many musthave styles in this collection that it will be hard to chose which ones get to go home with you.

The collection bears the title: "The Scene" and is inspired by the Warhol quote: “The world fascinates me”. With this collection, Soft Gallery wants you to go out and discover: "The streets are yours to live and flourish in. Be brave and be curious. Make new discoveries. Express yourself and inspire those around you. “The Scene” is your street and the street is your road. Embrace it!

Showpiece 4.jpg