Shrove buns - Tuesday goodness for your family

We have had some really beautiful frosty days here in Finland. Magical light and slowly falling powder-like-snow,frost flowers on windows and red cheeks. Freezing fingers and toes and lot's of tea and hot chocolate to warm them up. Now the weather is warmer,snowfall turned into rain and almost all the snow is melted. There's a promise of spring in the air,or maybe it's just the sound of water dropping and all the little birds singing everywhere. Either way,I loved the frost and I love this warm weather too. 

Look at these anemones! Couldn't resist them at a florist. There's a promise of spring in these, too. 

Found the cutest little tea cups from flea market few days ago and the girls love them! They've been playing with them ever since. 

Shrove Tuesday is soon - so when a dear friend came to visit us,we decided to celebrate it with some shrove buns!

Elli's hands! She's like "I can't believe these are mine - where to start?" :)

I have to admit. I ate three and a half of those yummies. But they are so good!

We used frozen semi-finished sweet buns as we didn't have time or patience to bake them by ourselves but those were actually really good! Any kind of freshly baked sweet bun is good for this,just cut it half and fill it with your favorite jam and whipped cream. Originally shrove buns are filled with marzipan but I prefer the jam more :)