Sakura Blossoms

Along with spring's arrival have come the beautiful Sakura tree blossoms.  Our family recently took a wander under a canopy of delicate pink cherry blossoms in Toronto's High Park.  On this particular day there were more blossoms than sky.

The Sakura- Cherry Blossom is the national flower of Japan.  To celebrate the beauty and heritage of the Sakura trees we learned about the history of how the cherry trees arrived in High Park.  On April 1, 1959 the Japanese ambassador to Canada gifted 2000 cherry trees to the citizens of Toronto for their support of Janpanese-Canadian refugees following World War II.  The Japanese tree is a joyful symbol of life and the arrival of it's blossoms every May are a reminder of the continued friendship between Toronto and the people of Japan.

Everyone feels grief when cherry blossoms scatter.
Might they then be tears-
those drops of moisture falling in the gentle rains of spring?
— Otomo no Juronushi (late 9th century)


The Japanese have celebrated the annual flowering of the Sakura blooms for centuries. These blossoms mark the awakening of nature and symbolize that beauty is momentary.  Cherry blossoms begin to drop from the branches shortly after blooming giving us only a fleeting time to enjoy the pretty petals and reminding us of  the transient nature of life.

We walked along paths that were dotted with petals like confetti and arrived at a small stream that floated fallen blooms.   The flowers in all their stages imbue beauty whether against the sky, on a branch, carried on the wind or underfoot.  

As I stood with my family under the flower filled branches of beautiful sakura blossoms my children wished that the flowers  would last forever.  They hoped that each time we would visit the park we could wander and dance beneath the white flowering trees.  We wondered if we appreciate and revel in the beauty because our time together is so fleeting.  We look forward to next May when we can visit the cherry trees again.

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