Le chaton de bon ton

HELLO, i am Nadine Engel, Berlin based designer, stylist and artdirector.
I work as a stylist and artdirector since 4 years after completing my design studies.
Now i am mother since 2 years and that awakes my demand for kids fashion.
I love to create fantastic and colourfull worlds, it's more easy and exciting to do this with and for kids then for adults. 

On this project i worked with Franziska Russo who is a Berlin based photographer with the focus on kid’s fashion. After her photo design studies at “Lette Verein” Berlin she moved to Rome/Italy where she worked as an assistant. In 2007 she came back to her hometown Berlin and started to work on children photography. Inspired by cinematography and her own childhood experiences Franziskas pictures tell emotional and vibrant stories.

Together we planning a lot of cool projects in the next time.

dress: my little dress up - headdress: alisa zillmann

froufrou kids

blouse: my little dress up - dress: shabop shalom Baby

little jacket: my little dress up - skirt: Vincente - Hut: Himo - Tasche: Noé & Zoë

top: my little dress up - skirt: vincente Headdress: Himo

tutu.: froufrou kids - headdress: Himo

dress: my little dress up - beanie: monki

blazer und pants: my little dress up