Today we're sharing a brand new and fun collaboration within children's wear. One of the leading companies in environmentally friendly children's wear brands Danish by Green Cotton,  has just launched a unique children's clothing collection based on the playful universe and the beloved residents of Danish children's tv-channel DR Ramasjang. The name is Ramasjang Kluns by Green Cotton.

Now, If you're not all ready familiar with Danish children's tv and programmes, we highly recommend you read this fun article written by Lauren Kirchner in 2012. In the article "Farting Puppets: The Terrific, Bizarre World of Danish Kids' TV" Kirchner shares her first encounter with the seemingly odd and weird world of danish tv for children's, but she digs into the subject and is completely won over by the imaginary and sometimes very bold universe Danish kid's grow up with:

...That's what I love most about Ramasjang, and why I think it so perfectly captures a particularly Scandinavian ethos—socially liberal, but simultaneously strict on matters of public health and well-being. It’s public television that isn’t afraid to be really weird, and it doesn’t buckle to hysterics from hyper-conservatives. Yet at the end of the day, it takes the somewhat radical step of telling its audience to turn it off. 

Lauren Krichner, The Awl 

The odd named but highly popular and loved characters from four Danish children's programmes  on Ramasjang are at the core of the collection and kid's get to step into the role of Sir Beard (Hr Skæg), the children's version of Sherlock Holmes Kristian from the Ramasjang Mystery (Ramasjang Mysteriet, Uncle Shrimp (Onkel Reje) and Rosa from Jellyroll Street (Rosa fra Rouladegade) in a lively, colored and playful mini-collection with prints and applications in by Green Cotton's well-known quality and 100 % GOTS certified and labeled organic cotton. Quality blended with play, learning, lots of stories and organic as well - we're loving it and so are the kids. We're spoiled for choice when it comes to children's clothing with superheroes, Hello Kitty and Frozen and perhaps that's why this collection, with it's charming and weird characters from odd  and fun Danish children's programmes are a welcome change. You can find the entire collection online and available here.


Clothes for the dear little ones have to be fashionable and durable. And when the clothes on top of this is made of organic cotton, environmentally friendly and free from damaging chemicals it is an even greater pleasure for both parents and children. Fred’s World by Green Cotton is designed with a Scandinavian approach to children’s development. There are no princes and princesses, but active kids with a lust for life in practical but smart clothes. 

Novotex is the company behind Fred’s World by Green Cotton. It was established in 1983 by Leif Nørgaard and the company has worked with environmental friendly textiles since the end of the 1980’s. All these years Novotex has been a pioneer in this field with lots of prizes as evidence of the serious work in bringing the environmental awareness into the textile industry.

Under the motto Fashion Rules Fred’s World by Green Cotton has combined certified organic cotton and environmentally friendly production with a playful, fashionable and meaningful children’s wear collection. Fred’s World is the world of fun, playfulness, colours and considerations for the future, whilst by Green Cotton is a quality and environmentally stamp on our products.

If we've made you curious on the topic of Danish children's tv (and we hope we have) then here's a little taste of what it is all about:

This post is sponsored Fred's World by Green Cotton as part of the launch of Ramasjang Kluns