DIY: Preparing for spring/Terrarium kids style

So I went to see my parents for a couple of days, and enjoyed a whole lot of sun. It really felt like spring. I went alone with my sis and niece and therefore I really missed the schoolruns. [read this in your most sarcastic tone of voice]

IMG_1694 (2).JPG

I did miss my kids, but even more, I missed the sun when I got back! And now my garden is filled with snow. Our garden is the biggest failure you'll ever see, because it was ugly when we moved in and we've been trying to get it more green bit by bit, but have not been very successful.  

Anyway, I thought about how to bring this springy/ 'let's garden' feeling across for my kids and decided that they could make their own little garden. A little terrarium You can find all the ins and outs on Pinterest, but here's how we made ours. First we put out all our supplies on a big plastic tablecloth, because... kids. 

Actually we started out by buying the right little plants for it. We had lots of fun doing that. 

You need rocks, soil, moss, bark and plants. We bought a little fern, some succulents and I really liked the small sanseveria, because kids can take it apart and plant it back in pieces. And these don't need a lot of water. 

Start with a layer of rocks. We than added some moss before putting a layer of soil. The different layers make sure the water runs through. I always find it hard to not interfere! I want to help them out...[nope, I'm just a controlfreak really].

Like i said. I have to keep myself from not helping out or giving hints about were to put the plants. But they really did a good job!

You could see them get all happy about it and I'm convinced playing around with nature makes people happy. To make it even more personal, they chose toys to give their little garden to. Now, I don't know how this is in other countries, but over here people give crazy crap every time a kid has their birthday or blows it's nose right. And I add to it by buying them surprise eggs with a little toy inside. I hate it, it's probably one of the biggest pile of junk we put out there and all these kids just throw it away after they've played with it. We decided to give these little toys a special place. And now some of them have their own garden. Yeah!

I know... hello kitty overload.

I know... hello kitty overload.

So now we have 2 proud owners of 2 terrariums. One filled with cute squirrels and one with a T-rex and dino-egg. I bet you can guess who they belong to. If you have older kids, you could make a sealed one, to explain and see plants create their own water cycle. Mine are a bit too young and want to be able to touch it a lot.

Have fun making one!