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One of the things we miss most about being a kid is getting lost in play. Remember how sometimes our imaginations would swallow time and place and for hours we would be deeply engaged in exploring new, astounding and to us entirely real make believe worlds, in the garden, the city, the supermarket, the backseat, wherever? 


That's why we dedicated our 9th issue to the theme of the Travel Journal. Capturing the essence of summer holidaying, this issue is  about all the sweet memories and associations that follows this magical time of freedom, fun and backseat dreaming. Children have the ability to travel in both time and place by just turning on their imagination. All of a sudden a pillow on chair is the steering wheel of a truck loaded with good friends and important stuff to take on a trip to places unseen. 

We grownups sometimes need a little help to get into to that state and most times we actually have to physically move our bodies to different countries to reconnect with that awesome feeling of adventure.

Let yourself be inspired by the stories, the pictures and the features that we've put together in the Travel Journal issue. We hope it will set you in an adventurous and excited mood to travel, even if the destination is no further than your back yard.

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Photographer: Søs Uldall-Ekman


Photographer: Stephanie Matthew - Styling: Heather Rome - Artwork: Secrets of the Tribe


Photographer: Julie A Martin


Photographer: Leonie Freeman

Samuel mindtravel kopi.jpg

Photographer: Céline Hallas


Photographer: Monika Elena


Photographer: Gabrielle Hall


Photographer: Helene Perry


Photographer: Søs Uldall-Ekman