Pitti Bimbo AW15

January 2015 marked my second visit to the incredible fashion and trade show of Pitti Bimbo. Pitti Bimbo is held bi annually in the beautiful (and historically city for fashion and trade) Florence, Italy. This past Pitti included runway shows from designers Philipp Plein, Desigual, Barcarola, Tuc Tuc, Boboli, Mayoral, Graci, Condor, Miss Grant, Fun&Fun, Yclu, Il Gufo and Sarabanda, and with a trade show showcasing 445 designers from around the world.

I am lucky enough to cover the fashion shows as well as backstage preparations (always a fun place to be, the kids are so excited and playful, lots of dancing going on!).
The first show this season was Philipp Plein, who’s theme was Urban Jungle. Philipp Plein is a designer from Munich who has a very cool, urban and sleek style, always with a unique touch (I love for women). I am a big fan of the leather jackets he creates, as well as his jeans, as they are very unique, and not just a plain pair of blue jeans, but include appliqués, which we can see on the model.

Next up was the multi show Fashion from Spain, featuring the decadent and always creative Spanish designers. This show is fantastical, and quite an experience, as it is not only a runway show, but is choreographed and each scene tells a story. The theme this time was “The Enchanted Wood” and even included a Cirque du Soliel like silks performer on stage!
The show included scenes with a fairytale like prince and princess (dressed in the elegant and dreamy Barcarola), lots of dancing for Desigual (they have brought Matryoshka dolls back to this collection, yay!), classic and cosy elegance with Condor, Boboli told the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, the children even wore animal masks! You can’t see it from my photos, but the outfits were stylishly accompanied by Birkenstocks and thick socks, so cosy!

Fun&Fun then had a global theme, from Matryoshka Dolls appearing on the screen behind the runway, and faux fur green and purple jackets, to China with with traditional Chinese styled garments with a modern appeal. Fun&Fun expertise is created casual wear with a unique twist, like atypical cuts, fur, jewels, and sequins. The surprise finale of the show included the kids running out with athletic style sweaters with LooneyTunes characters on them! A very fun athletic look, always something to watch out for, as you of course need look stylish while on the run!

Yclu, a newcomer to the children’s fashion world debuted their first collection to finish off the first day of Pitti Bimbo (what a great start). The set was amazing for Yclu with the plastic solid coloured chairs laying around haphazardly on the stage, I love how the kids would go sit in them after too, always a fan of the usage of props in shows, and the colours created a wonderful back drop for the colour clothes of the Yclu collection. Yclu is a very fun collection, with lots of bright colours and statements, which definitely transferred to the choreography of the models as the boys amazed us with their break dancing moves (they created them themselves, I saw them practising backstage, and last June saw the boys passion for breakdancing!) and the girls twirled each other around and made some silly girly poses.

The second day of Pitti commenced with sheer magic! Sounds dramatic maybe, but it was. The Il Gufo runway was made completely into an autumn forest, including small details even as soft animals on the trees, snow coming down at the finale, real leaves covering the ground and even a little watering hole! To top all this off the youngest child walked the runway with an adorable living owl! All these effects do not take your eyes from the clothing though, oh no, the clothing speaks as well.
Il Gufo is always a beautiful designer, I am a long time fan of their jackets as for girls they are always adorned with beautiful thick ribbon and fur. My personal favourite pieces were the colourful fur vest filled tied up with a big opaque bow, as well as the velour dresses, with colourful fur collars,all with a beautiful texture; a classic yet modern look.

The final show of Pitti Bimbo 80 was Sarabanda, with the theme of ‘Dream of a Winters Night’, which started walking through the audience, giving everyone a quote from Le Petit Prince (which talks about looking with ones heart), while mystical sounding musicians played their music and dancers painted and dressed all in white (with light embedded in their geometrical like costumes) dancing (the male dancers even using stilts) Sarabanda is a great designer for creative and beautiful clothes that can also be perfect to wear on an everyday basis and for play! I am a huge fan of how Sarabanda includes arm warmers with their dresses.

Another successful trip to Pitti for me, from fashion shows, socializing and seeing all the models I adore and their amazing parents, talking and meeting designers who some I have known from online and social media and finally got to meet face to face, and meeting brand new ones and seeing everyones collections, so many styles, and so much potential for Autumn/Winter 2015!

Love Emily Kornya