DIY: Pineapple Fruit Bag

What is more obvious than making a fruitbag that looks like a fruit? - And in this house we love pineapple! - So ofcourse i made a pineapple fruitbag ! 

Most people in Denmark knows the little fruitbag. The parents fills the bag with some snacks and fresh fruits so the kids have a nice snack for the morning and afternoon, when in kindergarden or school.

I have a little boy of my own, who soon enough, will be a big boy about to start kindergarden, so I thought that I would sew a fun fruit bag to him, as a bonus the bag will be easy to recognize for the child compared to the other childrens bags.

I have taken step by step pictures and made a small DIY so you easily can sew a Pineapple fruitbag yourself.

What you need: 

- Scraps of green fabric to the leaves
- Template for the leaves - print the template here
- A bit of interfacing for the indside of the leaves.
- A piece of fabric for the exterior ( 45*25 cm)
- A piece of fabric for the lining (45*25 cm)
- A Piece of string (60 cm)
- A Piece of fabric for the channel where the string should go in to (8*42 cm)

What to do: 

First make the casing for the drawstrings. In each side of the rectangle you should hem the short edges by folding them in about 1 cm of each side.. sew along the folded edge.

Fold the rectangle in half length ways and iron to make a sharp fold.

Now take your chosen exterior fabric, center the casting on the fabric top edge and pin the casting into place on the right side of fabric. Stitch the long edges of the casing, close to the edge.

Make the leaves
- Fuse interfacing to the back of the green fabric.
- Download and print the free template here
- Cut out a front and back  for about 10 leaves.
- Put the leaves pieces right sides together, and sew around the two sides.  
- Turn over and press.

Lay your exterior (where the Casting are) with the right side up, now measure 1 cm from either edge of the fabric, Arrange the leaves with the top raw edges aligned on the top of the fabric, inside the 1 cm in each side-  Pin the leaves in place.. 

Take your lining fabric and pin it on top of the exterior fabric, and the leaves, with the right side down  pin it all together ..

Stitch all along the top edgeabout ½ cm from the raw edge.

Remove all the pins, and spread the fabric out to the table with the right side turning up.

Fold the Fabric in half length ways, and pin it on place, Make sure the edge in the center where the fabric and leaves meets match together. Pin to hold in place !

Sew all around the edges but let a turning hole in the side seam on the lining fabric!

Now to the FUN part ! - Turn the pineapple.. Turn right side out through the opening in the side of bag lining

Tuck the lining down into the bag and press with an iron.
Take a Safety pin and pull the string through the casting and Tie the ends together.

Now all you have left to do is to stitch up the turning hole in the lining

and ofcourse fill the Pineapple with some fruits and fresh fruits..