DIY: Paper Flowers

I have always enjoyed the endless possibilities of playing with soft silk paper to create a pompoms, confetti and even to fold funny paper napkins for table decoration or other simple things. Due to my general obsession about flowers lately and maybe also because I miss the spring, my new flower book inspired me this week to create some small paper flowers.

The material I used was the following; thin metal tread, silk paper, scissors, and watercolour to paint the edges.

I found that the method was almost the same as when you make a pompom, there is just more combinations, both by using different layers of silk paper and also how to cut the edges to create a round look on the flower leaf.  I would suggest that you start with only a few layers of paper and maybe make it quite big to begin with, so that you get the feeling of what the layers can do when you unfold. I think the most fun part is that not one flower will look the same when the leaves are unfolding, just like the beauty of a blooming flower.

Flower kisses from Helene Blanche