Paade Mode SS16 collection Vantage Point

From above and below. 
Through texture and light. Breathe in and
breathe out. Look for it. 
Think differently. 

Vantage point.

Paade Mode's new SS16 collection bears the title Vantage Point and once again they do such brilliant work in creating clothes that seem to have a timeless beauty to them. 

The collection plays with bold embroidered fabric in combination with bright colours of coral and ultramarine. A soft and lightness is added by the delicate flow of white silks, and fluffiness of originally styled tulle skirts and tops called Candyfloss. Following a favorite trend of ours, we see the long, skirts and large flowy dresses for the girls and the laid back and handsome shirt, shorts and jacket look. We wish it was warm allready so we could dress our kids in these wonderful garments.

Paade Mode founder and designer is Linda Raituma. She would like to build and keep Paade in slow fashion traditions. In the production of the collection the company emphasize the organic and ethical approach.Technologies used are child and environment friendly, handmade and socially and economically conscious. Paade Mode partners are small companies – craftsmen, ateliers and studios. The clothes are of premium quality, handmade and smart casual with an emphasis on simplicity and comfort maintaining classic traditions.  Furthermore, all garments are made from natural linen, silk, cotton and viscose with recycled leather accessories, to celebrate each child’s unique personality, interests and talents.