Ode to the man- the mushy family diary

I have to write a little about the man. Because he's the best. I just had pneumonia, and the group of women that say everything falls apart when they're sick, I don't belong to. He takes care of everything.

Mr T and I have known each other for a long time. I'm not getting into details, because the kids could use it against us, but during the biggest part we were the most unlikely parents. Our lifestyle was..... Let's just say, unhealthy.

One day, after forever thinking that having kids didn't fit us, we both could just see us having kids together. So we agreed to see what happened. 

After having a miscarriage and than having a time when getting pregnant wasn't easy, I understand having a family is a privilege. I know some people make having kids seem like the most important thing in the world. And it's not. The thing is, once they are here they become the most important thing, but one can only hope they were born out of love. And I'm a lucky woman.

We went to see my dad in Portugal for his birthday and it was good. Being there was also hectic, with a big family, each with their own character. Stepping in to a bedroom at night, filled with the man , and the little people that man and I gave life to.... It made me realise; I need them. I am not just me. They belong to me.  I'm a mother, a friend and a lover. The biggest part of me IS my family. When they say they have a piece of your heart... Such an understatement, they have 90%. It sounds so mushy. But it's exactly how I feel. Yeah, it's important to know yourself, to know what it is you want out of life. That's not always easy, but having the right people around makes it much easier. And allthough I still don't know if I want to be a princess or a pilot, they don't care. as long as I'm part of the family. That connection is the fuel for getting things done.

Yeah, I know. Get a bucket if your stomach can't handle it.

Mr T and I are not very alike:

I like an organised house, he likes it clean (yes there is a difference)

He likes potatoes and meatballs, I like veggies and curries

He knows everyone. Remembers faces from day one, I think I might suffer from prosopagnosia ( https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prosopagnosia) because I suck at remembering peoples faces and mr T says people probably think I am super arrogant. 

Mr T doesn't care about holidays, I do. A lot.

I have my very own way of putting products in the refrigerator, he has his very own way of hanging clothes to dry.

Mr T loves tv series, I love to read.

He reads the news, I scroll through Pinterest.

But we both love hip hop and rock music, fifties furniture, cartoons, absurd humor, hiding from the kids in the toilet, having drinks on friday night [or thursday, or sunday, or..] skipping a party to stay home together. And most importantly; we love us. 

Have a lovely Christmas and enjoy your family. Try to make it so good, people think you should get a room. Or as mr. T suggests; give the kids candy, turn on the tv and run upstairs. ๏ธ