No Added Sugar - "Things aren’t always quite what they seem" SS15

‘From London, with punk attitude and perfect sense of style.’ This would be the text written on the postcard you receive together with No Added Sugar’s new collection. 

Called ‘Things aren’t always quite what they seem’ No Added Sugar’s SS15 collection is heartbreakingly cute, but at the same time strong, edgy and punk. Just take a look at the details – these layered collars and edgy shoulders, strong stripes mixed together with soft watercolor-imitation prints. Everything is just adorable! It’s a collection you will remember years from now! 

And you definitely will remember the look book images – Snow White and rap stars in the same series. How crazy and inspiring is that! Clap-clap for Deborah, the Creative Director behind the brand, for keeping the label soooo fresh and desirable for so many years!!

Love Kirsi