Motoreta - Let's Go Outside Collection

MOTORETA is a delicate and personal brand based in the south of Spain, Seville, a magic place with unique identity, history and tradition. Motoreta was founded in early 2013 by Cristina López-Lago and Maria Llerena  both architects and partners for almost 10 years. Together these strong women create create clothing for kids with an urban, and sophisticated approach to Children's fashion following their concept “Think Global, Produce Local”. 

Every season Motoreta creates a story, a theme that unfolds the idea behind every collection. This year it's all about playing outside all Summer. With every collection Motoreta draws references from art, contemporary designers, architects and the colours of their surroundings. The SS15 collection has the color white , geometrical patterns and animals at the basis, combined with strong colors such as yellow, black and blue denim. These clothes are fit for having fun all day in the sun and wants you to yell School is over!

Let’s go outside and play!