More of all the good stuff

Our team of regulars is growing! Getting to work with talented people from all over the world is so much fun. New playmates from all over the world will be joining in on making the Enfants Terribles universe absolutely formidable! You have to love the Internet for allowing us to set up an online editorial office with editors from the Netherlands, Finland, England, US, Denmark, Estonia and many more countries to come.

We know that time can seem long in between new issues and so we are putting more care towards growing the blog in order to ensure that you will be able to get flashing new inspirational posts every day. 

All editors take turns i posting here on the blog and every weekend we do inspirational takeovers on our Instagram profile, meaning that you will get to spend weekends in Denmark, Finland, England, Sweden, Estonia and many more exciting places to come without moving from the soft, warm sofa.


This past weekend we had the pleasure of spending some very lovely Instagram moments with Niina Savolainen (@muruinen). Niina has the role of online editor here on the blog, who will be sharing glimpses of Finnish family life and beautiful images from the land of Moomins.

Lisbeth Kjær Hammer (@smilerynker) will also be posting on our blog from time to time. Known for her beautiful dolls and a certain Scandinavian je-ne-sais-quoi from her own blog, we look forward to seeing what she will cook up for us in her blogposts.

This upcoming weekend we will get to know another one of our new online editors as Marieke Das (@mytoymachines) takes over our Instagram account for a peak into her life with montessori  in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Julie Arndrup (@thejulesrules) whom you might allready know from the Book Crush feature in the magazine, will now also be sharing her passion for litterature with us here on the blog on a regular basis. 

Kirsi Altjoe (@sandinyourshorts) from Sand in your Shorts is our new, sharp Trend Editor, who will make sure to keep all of us up to date on exciting news and interesting trends in the world of children's fashion. We are so excited to include trendspotting and fashion updates to the blog and hope you will get lots of inspiration from Kirsi's cool posts.

Maaike Postma (@milaiki) is our adventurous pinqueen. She makes sure our Pinterest feed is always full of beautiful images, quirky, fun, intriguing, breathtaking - she digs pin gold so all of us can get that daily dose of inspiration.

All in all I'm pretty sure you can tell we have a lot of good stuff in store for you here on the blog. Make sure you bookmark us and sign up for the newsletter to be the first to get exciting news.

Happy Weekend<3

Céline & Søs