Midsummer greetings from Finland! Our weekend was full of flowers,playing,being outside,good food and yummies. No hurries or obligations,just lovely time spent together. The weather wasn't what we wished for - it was quite cold,the sky was grey and it rained a lot - but there were glimpses of sun and warmth too! And as Finns - well,we're used to bad weather on Midsummer:)

Both Peppi and Elli loves to pick flowers,it's one of their favorite things to do in the summer. So of course we filled the house with flowers! We also baked a Brita cake for the first time ever and it was so good! But it's hard to go wrong with meringue,whipped cream and fresh cherries and strawberries :) 

Hope your Midsummer was wonderful! Now back to weekdays but let's make them wonderful too!