The Saint Lucia celebration has always been very dear to me, because it falls on the 13th of December, which was also my late grandmas birthday. She passed away on Mother's Day last year, 90 years old.

Every year around this time I will be thinking of her and missing everything she was to us. Growing up, my cousins and I would sometimes surprise her on her birthday with our own Lucia Procession. We dressed up in whatever white clothes we could find and carefully lit the candles, that we'd sneaked out of our grandmas cupboards. I clearly recall her smile as we  strode along the livingroom, singing her favorite christmas songs.

Putting that smile on her face made us all feel so good and the feeling stayed with me. I'd very much like to pass on the joy and attachment to this special Scandinavian tradition to my children and that's whay making this little DIY for the crown and candleholder felt so great. Last Sunday I had the immense joy of seing my eldest daughter Ella walk her first Lucia procession with the children's choir she attends and it was a very moving moment to me. I thought maybe you'd like to introduce your children to this fantastic celebration of light so, so here's a DIY for my take on a Lucia gown + accesories.


3 balls of yarn, 
thin steel wire,
or thin satin ribbon (for tying together the crown)
and a shortlined batterypowered fairylight.


I used three different shades of green and  different kinds of yarn, to make the pompoms more fluffy and to add a sprucy look. We also added some gold thread for that fairydust feel. 

  • Make 10 pompoms about the size of a handful. 
  • Tie the pompoms on a ribbon or on thin steel wire - if you tie a bowknot you can adjust the size later on.
  • Now add the fairylights, by wrapping them around the pompomcrown - we hid the batteries in the back of the crown


You can buy the batterypowered fairylights here via amazon or try your luck and find something similar at your local supermarket around christmas time.

We used the very helpful bulk pompoms techniques, which speeds up the process quite a bit. You can find the instructions on how to make them @ flax & twine, the best how-to we found online.



Either a real candle or the fabulous flashlight candle from IKEA,
thin white cardboard,
red satin ribbon,
a small crochet doily.


  • Cut a circle about the size of a tea plate out of the white cardboard,
  • Find a croché doily at your local charity shop or make one your self if you know how to.
  • Cut a hole through the center of both for the candle.
  • Tie a bowknot around the candle with the red ribbon et voila!

Now all you need to complete a Lucia outfit is some white clothes and a red ribbon to tie around the waist.