Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good: The Ro Dress

My daughter, Ro, loves animals, all of them. Cute kittens, tiny insects, slimy frogs, moody old dogs, frightful angler fish. All animals. When she once read that axolotls had been voted the least cute animal on the planet, she set herself the mission to redeem their reputation. She researched about the axolotl, its habitat, its unique qualities. She made adorable drawings of the dear axolotl to win its favour with her friends. She did school projects on axolotls, incorporated axolotls into her stories, and generally talked them up to whoever would listen. 

Photo 2015-10-31, 1 24 22 PM.jpg

Ro also loves fashion, not trends, but the creative self-expression that comes from composing an outfit. Over the years she has developed an interest in designing clothing, and has made more than one ball gown from tissue paper and ribbon. So, last June, when Mimobee approached me to collaborate with them on a Capsule Collection with a few other fashion-oriented Instagrammers, I didn't much hesitate, I knew Ro would love this opportunity and that I would share it with her.

To top it all off, Mimobee asked us if we would nominate a charity to support through the sales of the dress. Having recently raised money for the World Wildlife Fund with the help of Gardner & the Gang, Ro decided this time she wanted to support the Jane Goodall Institute. The Jane Goodall Institute supports the protection of great apes and the conservation of their habitat. The Institute also works to educate children and adults about the importance of safeguarding the planet for all living things. Ro has raised money for the Institute before, through her Echo Age birthday parties, where in place of gifts friends and family can donate to Ro's chosen cause. When she received a thank you in the mail from Jane Goodall and a photo of the chimp she was helping, Lemba, she knew this was the best way to celebrate life, and that she wanted to continue to support these great animals.

Ro loves dresses, she wants to look elegant, but be comfortable. Don't we all??!!! So we worked together to develop a design for a long flowy bohemian-influenced dress. Working with the team at Mimobee our vision was expertly translated into a beautiful dress. The result is the Ro Dress, a long teal-coloured dress, with lace detailing around the neck and a drawstring waist the allows a comfortable and flattering waistline for any shape or size.

The dress is made from 100% organic fabric and is eco-dyed. In addition, the dress, fabric and all, is fully produced within a small radius in the USA. Finally, sizing: it's available in children's sizing 2-16 (American sizing), so that means petite mamas and teens can fit the dress too. If you are thinking mom and daughter matching, you are thinking what I'm thinking!

Here's the catch: the dress is only available for sale until Sunday, November 15th. Pre-sales will run until then, following the sales period the dresses will be sown and shipped by early December, so they are in your hands in time for holiday season.

We hope you love the dress and will consider buying one for yourself or someone special. Not only will you look good, you will be doing good, and feeling good. #lookgooddogoodfeelgood

Find the dress here and please tell your friends, family, and talk it up to anyone who will listen! xo