Little road trip

We had a winter holiday this week and we went for a little road trip with our camper van. 

We went to the west and drove along the coast. The weather was amazing and the frozen sea beautiful. 

There are these big sand dunes in Yyteri and during the winter they turn into the most perfect sledding hills. The girls absolutely loved them! And yes,we adults too. It was a warm,sunny afternoon - I closed my eyes and turned my face into the sun. What a bliss. 

I loved our breakfasts (and evening snacks) in the camper van - boiling water with a whistling teakettle on the gas stove,cutting fresh crispy bread and then enjoying them with no hurry. 

Old church ruins in Vaasa. Another beautiful day and another sledding hill next to these ruins. 

Beautiful old villa in Rauma. 

We visited few flea markets too - it's a must on every trip! These ones we visited were really nice but quite expensive. Still,I did found an old plate and Elli bought herself a little dog :) 

It was a short but lovely trip! I always enjoy seeing new places - and it's great that you don't always have to go overseas to see something new and different. Our country is full of beautiful places.