Let's Make Something - Introducing Barbara Gay and the ETMAG Adventcalendar

Barbara Gay is the woman behind our DIY Advent Calendar feature. She works as a visual conceptdeveloper and stylist and lives in Copenhagen with her husband and two children. Barbara is crafter by heart and choice and this lady can whisk up som pretty fabulous ideas from stuff we all just have laying around the house or in our kitchen drawers. She works from the motto: It's Only Ideas Just Give Them Away
Barbara's concept for crafting is that it has to be about making something from what you have, not having to go buy all the stuff first. We like that a lot and that's why we wanted to add her as the DIY feature for the Advent Calendar here on the blog.


We know December is a busy month for you and we´re not here to induce more stress for anyone.
What we will do is provide all of our readers with a possibility and excuse for taking that moment to get creative with the kids, without it being to  much to overcome.
So the daily DIY released with every door opened in the calendar is made from materials you allready have at home and won't take any more than 15 minutes to make.

We actually believe that taking that moment to sit down and play with this for a little while will help release some of the built up stress from your daily tasks.
By making it easy to overcome we hope that it will provide you with some joyous moments with the ones that hold your heart.


A lot of us have a hard time finding time to sit down and make something from scratch. Wouldn't it be awful if a whole generation of Children would grow up with a notion of grown ups not being part of the creator/maker world? Luckily, people still find the time to make awesome stuff and they inspire the rest of us (thank you for Pinterest), so once in that blue moon we do make and create, but wouldn't it be great if we could find even more time to get back to basics?

To us nothing was more magic then watching our parents make stuff. Building a shelter from sticks or blankets, baking cakes and cutting them into the shape of a lady or bug or whatever, or when they would try (even without mastering the skills) to make that costume for the annual celebration. Once upon a time there was no ebay or world wide web to save us in a flash.
We all know that in the making and creating is where the magic happens when you're a kid and that's what the DIY part of our Advent Calendar is about.


We hope you will take some time out from your busy day to give it a try and please let us know how it goes! If you share a picture of your creative moment with us on Instagram please @enfantsterriblesmag us and use the #etmagxmas tag. You might win something for your Christmas DIY efforts!