Let the math homework wait

Even though ladies on the streets have already unpacked their carefully stowed furry animals and wrapped them tightly around their necks, and supermarkets are full of students looking for pens and pencils, according to calendar, it is almost still summer – the beginning of the real fall is a few weeks away.

On a warm and uncustomarily rainless August evening I Anna and photographer Jaana Süld decided to make the most of the last moments of the far too short, yet pleasant and memorable summer. I packed up my son’s room and put everything into a car only to unpack it under an old oak tree on a bank of a nearby lake. After all – what would describe summer in a better way than moving the children’s room outside? Probably nothing.

Luckily, the best seats by the lake were vacant – fishermen were now free from their obligations and spending their well-deserved summer vacations. In a mere 20 minutes, under the old oak, in a place of tired fishermen, one of the most wonderful and genuine fairy tales of this summer had come alive. Constant laughter and enjoyable bustling made it clear that the open-air children’s room, filled with the most adorable little people, was now open.

Don’t rush with unpacking your open-air rooms, let the math homework and chemistry lab report wait, grab your blankets and warmer cardigans – the summer will be here for a few more weeks.


Photos: Jaana Süld - Style, accessories, design: Anna Lutter - Clothing: Kalamajaprintsess, Ukauka, Mimi disain, Dadamora - Models: Johannes, Lenna, Maribel, Päären, Sebastian