LEGOLAND HALLOWEEN – a thrilling family adventure to the land of bricks

Or do you know someone who does? Is Halloween by any chance one of your favorite celebration? Then read this little guide on how to plan a perfect and playful family getaway to the land of those famous bricks aka Legoland Billund, the original Legoland park.

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Last weekend we we're invited by Legoland to come experience the park for Halloween for the very first time. My husband and our five-year-old son are huge Lego nerds and we had actually never visited the park together as a family before, so we we're thrilled to go on this little weekend adventure together. Legoland is situated in Billund Denmark. It’s a three hour drive from Copenhagen, where we live, but there’s an airport in Billund which makes it possible to arrive directly from many destinations.
The Hotel Legoland is situated inside Legoland and you have access to the amusement park directly from the hotel, which is both practical and also happens to feel very VIP like. Arriving at the hotel  you’re immediately enchanted by the colourful brick magic that greets you. When you book an overnight stay as we did you have the option of spending two whole days in the park. So we arrived early in the morning before check in time (which is a 15pm) and parked the car in the hotel parking (remember to get a parking permit from reception).


We then went on to explore the park a bit, before having a lovely meal in one of the restaurants in the park.  We tried quite a few of the attractions within short time, as the rain had scared away some of the other visitors, which meant there was no waiting time at any of the rides and we could try them multiple times. The decorations were all very impressive fun and spooky in the way that kids can still feel at ease. It was raining cats and dogs when we arrived, but we we’re too excited about actually being in Legoland to pay attention to the wetness. Also, we did come well prepared with raincoats, wellies and rainbow umbrellas, as I had checked the weather forecast beforehand and packed for all kinds of weather - October can be tricky when it comes to weather in Denmark.

After lunch the kids went on a fun "Brick or Treat" treasure hunt around the park and met funny, crazy (and a little bit scary!) Halloween creatures in a five stop tour, where they visited the Mad Scientist, the Wicked Witch, the Ice Queen and other characters to see if they got bricks or treats from them. The activity brought us around the park as we got to know it a little better and the kids loved it. The "Brick or Treat" bags cost 25 DKK each and there's a limited number per day, but I think it was very much worth it. There was also shows and other activities, but we opted for the rides on this day.


After doing the "Brick or treat" tour we  went back to the hotel to check in. We booked a room with a view over the park for the visit for our stay and that turned out to be such a good idea! The room had an impressive and fun brick theme with colourful bricks all over the room. Needless to say that the kids loved it and I must admit the parents we’re pretty into it too. The view, the size and the decor – it was just the perfect lego experience to enter that room. It felt spacious, bright and modern and we felt at home right away.


We dried up for an hour or so and played with the lego that was part of the essentials in our room and then we got ready to explore the park by night time. The rain was all gone and Legoland had turned into a colorful spectacle of light. The park is open until 21 pm during Halloween season and walking around discovering all sorts of spooky decor and scenery was such a thrill for all of us. We visited the shops, tried a few wild rides and stayed until the fireworks had worked their mystical magic on all of us and then we went back to the hotel for a cosy dinner buffet in the Panorama Restaurant. The buffet was good and there was a kids buffet with everything kids love: lasagna, pizza, burgers and even lego fries. Dessert was a delicious selection of cakes and all you can eat ice cream buffet and after that we we're very much ready for a soft and warm bed.


We woke up up to a beautiful sunrise over the park and watching the kids admiring the park from our window was heart meltingly delightful. The hotel serves a luxurious brunch buffet, where you are very much spoiled for choice, whether you're a cornflakegirl, pancake boy or bacon kind of guy. Be sure to book a table for the buffet in the morning, as everyone wants to eat and go out into the park early, it does get rather busy. We ate in the conference room, that opens up when there are many guests at the hotel, and it was more quiet and a less hectic than the restaurant.


After a cosy and yummy breakfast we we're ready to enter the land of Legos once more. The park opens up at 9 am exclusively for the hotel guest on Sundays. That way you have an hour to explore before the park opens up to the public. We walked around the miniatureland and did some of the classic rides and then headed down to the wild rides to get a few rides done before the wait got to long. There was blue skies and sunshine all over and we had the park pretty much to ourselves until 11 am where we went back to the hotel to check out of the room.


We had packed most of our bags before going down to breakfast, so it was a quick deal and then we went for an early lunch in the Family Buffet restaurant at the entrance of the park. In general it can be a good idea to eat before 12 or after 14 if you want to avoid crowded restaurants in amusement parks. The kids filled up on pizza and ice cream and then we went out for a last round around the park to try some of the favorite rides and a few of the ones we still had on our to do list. The park really offers a wide arrange of rides and there is plenty of thrills for all ages. Ella who is now 9 years old, is very much into the wild rides, so we split up a few times and she went with dad, while Elvis and I did some of the rides that are better suited for 5 year olds. When we met up again we went to see the penguins, who turned out to be very into playing catch with Elvis and we also dived down to Atlantis, which is a very impressive aquarium also in the park. As I said - there is really something for everyone to explore and we loved that it felt like we had so many things to explore. Ella and dad went to the movies for a short film in the 4D cinema, while Elvis and hit the shops to pick out the best lego set. 


We left Legoland in the late afternoon after having the best days. The car was already packed and our hearts where full of joy and togetherness. Halloween in Legoland was definitely a fabulous family experience and we can't wait to go back again next year.


Top 5 Tips to perfect visit

  1. Arrive early on the first day and do the park before you check in in the afternoon.
  2. Try to eat before 12 or after 14 in the restaurants to avoid crowds.
  3. If you arrive at opening of the park, skip the rides at the entrance and go directly to the bottom of the park to try the wild rides before the wait gets long.
  4. Bring water/soft drinks and healthy snacks to keep you going through the day, between meals.
  5. Book a room with a park view - you won't regret it!

Top 5 FOOD Experiences

  1. Grill House
    In the heart of LEGOREDO® Town lies the notorious ‘Blacksmith’s Grill House’, where you can sit back and enjoy your steaks on our covered patio. Child menu from DKK 85. Adult menu from DKK 159.
  2. Burger Kitchen
    Hang out with the stars in the new LEGOLAND diner which serves up juicy burgers, and have your picture taken on the red carpet with our famous LEGO built stars. Child menu from DKK 69. Adult menu from DKK 89

  3. Hotel LEGOLAND® Panorama 
    Spoil the whole family with seasonal delights and children’s favourites – both a la carte and from the buffet. In the charming restaurant at Hotel LEGOLAND, you can enjoy a wide selection of seasonal dishes. There are both an à la carte menu and an imaginative buffet.
    At holiday periods and weekends - and for special family arrangements - there is a self-service buffet for children, laden with their favourite food: spaghetti, french fries, sausages, salads and much more. Opening hours at the Panorama Restaurant: Breakfast: 06:00 am – 10:00 am * Lunch: 12:00 noon – 2:30 pm ** Evening: 5:30 pm – 11:00 pm ** *   On busy days, breakfast buffet will be in our Mindstorms Pirate Restaurant
    ** Buffet only on LEGOLAND park opening days till 9:00 pm

  4. Captain Roger’s
    This is the place for genuine English fish & chips and delicious fish filets. And, the famous LEGO® french fries. Child menu from DKK 69. Adult menu from DKK 89

  5. Knights' Restaurant
    Enjoy the delicious cake buffet at Knights' Restaurant. Step into the Castle and let the fantastic setting, delicious cakes and beautiful damsels give you an experience fit for a king. Child cake buffet DKK 49. Adult cake buffet DKK 79


If you want to plan your visit to the rides, there's a useful overview and age guide option to the atttractions of the park here. I also asked the kids to share their favorite rides, to give you an idea of what works for different ages:


  1. The Dragon rollercoaster.
  2. Pirate wave breaker
  3. The mini legoland
  4. Pirate Boats
  5. The Caterpillar


  1. The Polar Explorer
  2. Extreme Racers
  3. Vikings River Splash
  4. Ghost- the haunted house
  5. The Dragon Rollercoaster


  1. Miniland
  2. Legotop
  3. Atlantis
  4. Falck Fire Brigade
  5. Ice Pilots School