LEAVING LEAVES - a tiny street art project to do with your kids

September has been gentle and welcomed us all with a soft and warm embrace here in Copenhagen, making it seem very plausible that winter wasn't coming... Yeah right;-)

The last few days though, Fall means business and this morning when we got up for school the sun was still in bed and there was frost on the green grass in the gardens... The trees have allready started their rainbowspectacle, changing those colours into so many different shades it can almost take yuor breath away and some of them are allready shedding their crispy cloaks of beatiful leaves, which of course calls for some leafhunting.

Cรฉline and I had our very first playdate last year around this time. We brought the girls a long on a tiny adventure, in an attempt of trying to figure out how exactly we could start creating something fun and challenging together.

LEAVING LEAVES - a tiny street art project
Out of that little session came this little shoot and DIY inspiration for a leafy, street art project: Leaving Leaves. Pinterest is full of crafty ideas on what to make with the 'feathers' of the trees, but we like the little tiwst of kindness added, when leaving them behind.

All it takes is for you and the kids to gather some leaves and get some posca (or similar) markers and then turn on your imagination to make the leaves come to life.

Leave the leafbuddies all over your city and in the local parks, to put a smile on a strangers face.

Simple, fun and kind.

& do share the pics #etmaglovesfall

DSC01215 kopi.jpg