Label Love: Molo

When I became a mother of a small boy nearly 13 years ago, it was almost impossible to buy clothes for boys in colours besides light blue and beige. As a person being very fond of colours it bothered me - and as an outcome I started my own children's clothes label. But that is a different story.

Bact to the story - it was very difficult to find interesting clothes for children at the time, and this could be the reason why I so clearly remember seeing a boy in colourful clothes with a significant star on. I remember how I just had to run after the mother in order to hear what label it was. MOLO, she said! - and with their design came a whole new era in the Danish children's wear fashion.

Over the years, Molo has been a regular part of my children's wardrobe, and as my kids have grown, so has Molo. Certainly, this is due to Molo being designed for children with an eye to their needs - as regards the practical qualities as well as the fun and the pleasing prints that are so characteristic of Molo.

Therefore, I must say that it is with great pleasure that I work with this beautiful Danish brand today. It is an honor to shoot this Label Love editorial to them, and it just feels right that the boy, who grew up in the clothes they make, is part of it.

The shoot was made a lovely evening in July in the beautiful Mont Vinaigre near Fréjus in Côte d'Azur.

xo Céline //