Label Love: Minidunadu

As you may know, we are on holiday in France, and while being away, I have been working on a new Label Love.
The last year I have spend so much time behind my big camera that I felt it was time for a new adventure. So on this holiday I decided only to take pictures with my mobile - and edit them with my mobile, something I don't normally do!
In this process I have used VSCO, and we have gotten to know each other very well the past few weeks.

Giving myself this challenge also meant that I couldn't use my camera for my Label Love on Minidunadu, but I hope you all like what I came up with, anyway <3

For this Label Love I found inspiration in children's way to play, and not only using clothes for what they were made for. As a result, swimwear are worn on all pictures even though there are no beach pictures!

Minidunadu is a Spanish swimwear label, made with swing, as they say - cause every collection is done with a soundtrack in mind. What's not to love about this approach!
The collections are playful and high quality. All their garments are made in Spain, and all their suppliers are from Europe.
It takes an extra effort to produce and to find fabric in Europe, but I respect the approach very much as the result is just magnificent.

Find much more informations on Minidunadu hère!
- and to follow my VSCO adventure go here!

Photo: Céline Hallas  - All swimwear: Minidunadu