Label Love: Marmar ss17

The summer finally seems to have made it to Denmark, but before we all run to the beach, I really want to share this  Lable Love, MarMar edition, with you.

So let me introduce you to Marmar SS17 collection, that takes its inspiration from bursting stars and lunar landings. The sky before nightfall and the earthy tones of pink and dusty coral, from the endlessly desert floor, all mixed up with the ever-changing shades of blue in the sky above.

I absolutely loved playing with MarMars aesthetics and doing it in the beautiful South of France in the springtime gave me the perfect stage for this collection. 

If you want to read more about Marmar we did a Story of in a past issue of the magazine - it's really interesting so go take a read here <3

Have a great summer everyone!

Photo: Céline Hallas

marmar ss17 3 copy.jpg
marmar ss17 5 copy.jpg
marmar ss17 7 copy.jpg