Label Love: Finch & Agnes

I've been following her terrific Pinterest boards and her Instagram for a while, and now she has her own webshop, with her own label; Finch & Agnes. Oh, and she all did this while having a third baby.... Wait.  

Whaddaduduhdoopdidobdida. What that is? That is the sound of respect.

Her Name is Bregje Bazin and she lives in Haarlem, a lovely old town near the sea in The Netherlands. Bregje is married to Alain, and she is the mom of Tristan (5), Sacha (3) and Bodi (4 months).

I had some questions for this lovely lady. 


How did you get started with Finch + Agnes?
Being a mom of boys, I was regularly disappointed by the collections available for boys. Every season the same colours, cartoon figures, skulls. I started a blog to find nicer, more fun clothing and I began pinning on Pinterest. I also tried a couple of times to start something myself, on different levels of professionalism. Finally, last year we went on a ten week family trip through Australia and it was the perfect time to figure out if, and how I wanted to do this label thing. I did, I was fully inspired, and with the help of a dear friend who has a lot of experience in fashion, I started!

What’s your background? 
My background is totally different: educational. A long long time ago I studied Linguistics and today I work as a freelance curriculum and test developer. I also work as a freelance editor for publishers.

What’s your inspiration? Where do you go to get it? 
Pinterest! And nowadays also Instagram. But Pinterest, for me, is the perfect platform to get inspired. I love it!

What piece of the Finch + Agnes collection is your favorite? 
That's not difficult to answer: the denim overalls! I prefer children's clothing to be comfortable, kids just want to play! And I love denim, but the fabric is normally a bit too heavy for kids, in my opinion. This year I learned that denim is a very difficult fabric to get manufactured, but in the end it was worth the trouble; I love the overalls!


How did you manage with 3 kids, is there a secret? 
Hahaha, I guess I'm just very naïve! It's a bit much, mostly because my youngest is still home with me. He will start daycare in the new year. Hopefully I won't have to work all evenings anymore ;) Also: a perfect husband who is flexible with his working hours too.

What’s the main ingredient for your success? 
I wouldn't talk about success just yet, haha! But maybe because I've stayed close to my own taste, my own favourites. And of course the power of the Instagram community. Ask me again in a couple of months!

What advice would you give anyone starting out a webshop? 
Hmm, do your homework? And take your time to figure out what works for you, how you want to arrange the logistics. I probably will adjust along the way too. As for starting in fashion: definitely invest time in finding the right supplier, it's a tricky business.

Being a mom is.....? 
Oh this one is difficult. I would want to answer how wonderful it is to see my little creatures grow and help them become their own person. And how I love cuddling and having fun with them. Taking them around the world to show them how beautiful it is. But reality is that it can also be very exhausting, confronting and frustrating too. My goal in life is to 'collect' experiences. And being a mom to me is the biggest one!

What does your perfect family sunday morning look like? 
Sleeping in, with Bodi next to me - otherwise there is no way I can sleep in! - the boys playing downstairs. Eating croissants and boiled eggs and later in the morning go outside. We live close to some wonderful forests, dunes and the beach.

What is on your list now, where do you want to take Finch + Agnes? 
First let's make this collection a success. And as for the future, I just want to have fun with it, make more nice items, expand the collections and just see where it will all take me.

Thank you Bregje, we wish you all the luck. And I have a personal favorite in the collection too, and this is a kind request to make some in bigger sizes, haha. The denim vest; look how lovely.

So.... If you love her style as much as i do and want a peak in to her inspiration, follow her on pinterest here and/or here.

And if you have a baby or a toddler, go go go!
Go visit her site!