Gallerie Enfants Terribles: Charlotte Hamilton

Charlotte Hamilton - Artist and Illustrator. 41.
Lives with her husband and their two beautiful girls in Toronto, Canada.

Charlotte, also known as Blue Shine Art, is our second feature here in the Gallerie Enfants Terribles. She was also asked to interpret the title of our current issue Tales of Midsummer and she did so in such a colourful and folcloric style that we are vert fond of right now. Charlotte's style is Bold, life-capturing and expressive and for the next few weeks her take on the Tales of Midsummer  will be adorning our banner and we are so proud to have her as part of our playful universe.
We wanted to get to know Charlotte a little better so we sent her a few questions about her and her work as an artist and illustrator and here's what she had to tell us:

Scandinavian Roots
I was born in England, just outside London and raised in a Scandinavian household. Both my parents are Scandinavian so we have kept those traditions throughout our Lives and I am continuing them with our girls. At the age of 20 I moved to Mallorca, an Island in the Mediterranean where I went to a Spanish Art School and learnt SO much about the traditional teachings of fine art…as well as a few languages (which I have a passion for too). I continued to work and live in Spain for 7 years and then moved to Canada to be with my husband.

Artist and Illustrator
I have been fortunate to be able to stay at home with my girls and work around their school hours and after they are in bed. I began painting interiors whilst in Spain before I had a family and continued to paint murals and decorative faux effects on clients walls when I moved to Canada. When the girls entered our life my work changed a little and I started taking less mural commissions, and more illustrative ones and fine art jobs. Over the past couple of years I am being asked to paint more and more portraits and take on more illustration projects which makes me extremely happy.

Kids & Art
Ideally I would love to become a children's book illustrator...and continue being a portrait artist too...but I will paint and create anything for anyone. I adore working with children and giving them the courage they need to learn that they too can draw and paint whatever they wish. I teach Art to kids all Summer and run art classes on Saturdays during the year. All in all I am doing the thing I love most, and that's what's important.

What does the title of our newest issue "Tales of Midsummer" evoke in you?
Actually, It's the first issue I have read of Enfants Terribles and will definitely not be the last! The multiple of interviews throughout the magazine are great,I love looking into other peoples lives who are inspired by life around them and who are creative and have a passion for style,art, and photography etc. This issue is wonderful and summery, stylish, and very different from anything I've seen...I am so excited you have a recipe for Koldskål in this mother always made it through the summer for us growing up...and even when we go to visit them at Christmas, I will request at least one evening where we have Koldskål for dessert. 
Also, the light in some of the photos is spectacular and you can feel the warmth and love in so many of the images. I like that there is a craft too for us to do with our children, I may even incorporate that into my Summer camps I hold here in Canada.
I could go on and on, I love everything about this Issue.

Favorite thing about working with the theme Tales of Midsummer?
I think the greatest thing about working with this theme is the fact I get to bring my memories to the forefront of my mind and work on a tradition which has been in my family for many years...

Best Childhood midsummer memory?
As a child growing up Midsummer would either be a party at our house or at other Scandinavian friends...
Elderflower water, gravalax, salmon, shrimp, salads, Summer berries, Koldskål ...and lots of cheering and singing from the and pretty dresses...warm summer was a time to get together with friends and family. So every Midsummer ...those great memories are what arise in me...and not to forget woodland walks with my Mum picking blueberries and chanterelles.

We asked Char to show us some pieces that captures the essence of her work:

For more of Charlotte:
(I stopped blogging when I found instagram- but love going back to those 4 years and reading articles and interviews I posted.)