Portugal makes for Pretty Pictures. Reminiscing

So here’s my first blogpost. I’ll try to make it short and sweet. I was asked to join this pretty magazine/website/blog, so I hope you enjoy reading a little about me, my loves and interests.
My first blogpost is a bit about our holiday in Portugal. It was so lovely, and because the memories of summer seem to fade so fast after school has started and autumn has set in, I love showing some of my favourite moments.

foto 1.jpg

Our holiday started as soon as we were on the plane. Thank god for Ipads, Iphones, books, colouring pages etc. etc. In a plane I always entertain my kids like I’m afraid they’ll bring the plane down if I don’t. Fact is, I’m just a little nervous about flying.

We arrived at night,  at the house where my parents live when us kids aren't crowding it. It is a beautiful, peaceful place, my moms keeps a gorgeous garden. A 5 minute walk and you're at the bakery, and at the beach. The garden has a nice pool. Everything you need for a I'm-gonna-be-lazy-for-2-weeks-drink-wine-and-eat-to-much-cheese- kind of holiday. I loved looking at the birds that would sit down next to me as i was reading.

My 3 cousins were there too. They stayed with us for 2 days, which was great fun, they are the best teens. The kids jumped right in the pool as soon as we got there.

Nice, huh, under water photo's? It's a l ot of fun, when you do it right. The first day I put my phone in a waterproof case a little too quick and ruined it. I had to take all other pictures with mr. T's phone or my Nikon. First thing my love said when my phone died on me, was, with an extremely scared face, 'now we have to talk to each other'. Oh how he loves me...

I managed to take some pictures anyway. We hung around the beach and the swimming pool at the house, and had great fun.  I finished the trilogie 1Q84, by Haruki Murakami, and I always miss his characters, and the feeling of a slight breeze his stories give me, after I finished the book. I bet I’m not the only one.

Now my youngest has started his first year at school, and I’ve started the new school year in a group aged 9-12. The boy ran home from school on his first day, he is quite the stubborn kid. Gave his teachers a scare. He's already doing much better. He has an immense amount of phantasy, I so hope he's not going to loose it, trying to adjust.

So.. There it is. Now back to normal. I’m kind of glad to get back to normal. Rhythm is good. Right? Rythm, timing, schedule, it's healthy and nice.... If you like that sort of thing….  
Hope to see you this weekend on Instagram, I'll be taking over the Enfants terribles account!