KOLDSKÅL OG KAMMERJUNKER - the taste of Danish summer!

Buttermilk ’Koldskål’ with new strawberries and sweet ’kammerjunkere’ is the taste of summer to many Danes, and they eat a lot of it during the summer. The dish is known to have existed since around 1900. 

’Koldskål’ litterally translates into Cold Bowl. It is a sweet cold soup, made from buttermilk and a few other ingredients. Kammerjunkere are the sweet biscuits you add to the cold soup, and here the translation is a bit more puzzling, as Kammerjunkere in English would be groom of the bedchamber, a position filled at court in the very olden days. 

As far as we know, this name was given to these biscuits as they rank the lowest on the chart of pastry, just as the groom of bedchamber ranked lowest at court. So much for utterly unnecessary, yet intriguing facts for the day. Now on to the deed!

Maria from Vanløse Blues has been so kind as to let us share her deliscious recipe for a fresh bowl of Koldskål and Kammerjunkere. Give it a try, we think you might like this as a sweet and fresh treat on a warm summer evening.