Book recommendations: Jojo Moyes

Sometimes adults need something sweet to read. We all have days where a happy ending is the only thing we want and fortunately there are plenty of books that will help you get there. 

One of my favorite authors in that category is Jojo Moyes. Really, if your name is Jojo, you HAVE to write pleasant books with happy endings, right? And she does. Her books are not uncomplicated, and there are plenty of hardship and trouble in them. But you just know that everything will be alright in the end. They definately have more substance than the standard chick lit novel, much more so, but Jojo´s books still revolve around the relationships between people and all the trouble that might come from that. And oh The Love... Love is all around!

Also, her books tend to have really pretty covers.
Jojo is a productive writer (my favorite kind) and have published a nice pile of books. One of my favorites is this one:


The last letter from your lover is a story about passion, adultery and romance. And loss. We meet Ellie, a journalist who is trying to find a story worth writing about. By coincident she stumbles upon the story about Jennifer. Through old love letters Ellie unfolds Jennifers story, who took place in the 1960ies. Jennifer wakes up after a car accident, and does not remember anything. Not her husband - and definately not her secret lover... 

It is a beautiful story, about love and the risks we are willing to take for it. I also really enjoyed her latest one, The one plus one.


In The one plus one we meet a single mother, a little girl who is extremely good at math, a troubled teenageboy, a big, ugly dog and a single man, who is looking for change. This turns out to be a wonderful cocktail of personalities and I binge-read the book in a day. Jojo Moyes is very good at unfolding the caracters and I really feel like I know these people and join them on their weird roadtrip towards happiness. Like with the main caracters in all of Jojo´s novels,  I wish them all the best. I want them to succeed. And I love it when they do.